Blue Geza Community Centre and Library

2049 Diósd, Sashegyi út 9.

The new library inauguration on June 11, 2012 a ceremony was held.

Blue Geza Community Centre and Library building on 11 June 2012, opened its doors to the town's population. The stock is based on a part of the former József Eötvös Primary School library, which, thanks to support provided by the government, the successful tender and the private donations is constantly being updated, replaced, figyelembe into account the needs of readers, and the current trends in reading habits. In addition to expanding our services portfolio and also the readers of our staff, parents and children most of whom are pensioners, but of course many students (elementary, secondary and college students alike), and also sparked active working membership.

The library building was converted into a family house a lot of criticism due to the nature of the building, although their location in the town center, the akadálymentesítettség and friendly atmosphere offers numerous good opportunities. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, open from 9 to 18 hours, and 16 hours on Friday 9 and Saturday from 9 to 12 hours.

The cultured, friendly atmosphere, library community space that is great for Disabled. Open since several of our events, performance, writer-reader meetings was, library and an official collection point operated by Hungarian Baptist Aid Action shoe box as well.

We welcome you and your family as a member of our library, a visitor and events!



Address: 2049 Diósd, Sashegyi road 9th

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